Falling Waters River Lots * Falling Waters, West Virginia  

What We Offer
The following is the 2023 Costs:   Located on the Famous Potomac River

Front Lots (lots 1-59) $3,300
Middle lots (lots 61-90) $2,300
Back Lots (lots 91-139) 2,200

Storage lots:
(Lots 62-90) & (Lots 91-124) $500
Lots (125-138) $700

Camper size helps determine if it can be sited on the lot as determined by the owner

Public Water and scheduled sewer disposal are included in the seasonal lot fee

All of the Lots are in the flood plain and they are leased as a vacation place. They are not for primary housing

Basic WiFi available on most lots.

Most lots have both 30 and 50 amp electric service at camper's expense

Upgrade cable/internet available...



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